Monday, 16 March 2015

Chapter 105 : After Black @ Sunway // 2/5

Its sort of sad how everyone's busy with their lives & don't have much time for friends & family don't you think ? 

I've made effort to see all my friends & family & spend time with them even though I'm only back for a weekend . 

Which resulted to me having lunch with my home girl , Nadhine on Sunday even though the rest couldn't make it . 

We checked out the new building in the Sunway University campus which was pretty sick then went to a cafe called After Black that's located right outside of the campus . 

Its quite rare to find cafe's that offer decent food on the menu , so this was a must to check out .

Coffee & Chocolate lovers , After Black has got your back ! 

For those who fancy a cup of tea ^

I was impressed with After Black on how they have that minimalist vibe to the whole place since I'm a total sucker for all things minimal-ish , though there wasn't much to photograph hence why I didn't take any shots of the place . I tried , I really did . 

After Black is located on the same row as Garage 51 , I'm sure you'd all know where that is ;)

The menu consisted of food that is perfect for a light lunch , not for those who are heavy eaters though & as for those who are looking for some good coffee to try , you may like this place . 

I was pretty happy with the prices they had to offer , considering they would mostly cater to college students who don't really want to spend much on food . 

After Black is mostly known for their Black Rice or Cheese Baked Black Rice . Don't worry , its just colored with squid ink ;) 

Nadhine got the Cream Pasta , RM5.90 . I tried this one out , wish it had more seasoning to it .

I ordered myself the Garlic & Herbs Roasted Chicken Whole Leg , RM15.90 . It was good , especially with the side salad that had honey dressing . 

Then the both of us shared the Cheese Baked Black Rice , RM5.90 . Its pretty bland in taste so you'd practically have to depend on the cheese for the flavor . 

How can food be so photogenic ? 

Wrapping up lunch , we were super bloated when we left . But some outfit shots were in order & the high chairs that were placed outside the cafe were of much help . 

Till then ,


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